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New Multitudes | Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, and Yim Yames

There’s been a more than a few of theres Woody Guthrie tributes in recent years and they’re usually pretty good but in my opinion New Multitudes is the top of the heap.   Well, to be honest I haven’t really listened to most of the other ones… but I’m still pretty confident in that statement. …


Flogging Molly | House of Blues Boston

Flogging Molly has been a great band for over 15 years. That’s about half of my goddamn life. When I first saw them at the Warped Tour about what seems like 100 years ago, I did not fully appreciate them. Because I didn’t appreciate anything. I was just starting high school, so like everyone that…


Neko Case | The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You.

Holy shit what a mouthful of a title. That aside, this is easily Neko Case’s easiest album to get into. Easy. Maybe not the best, but for having one of the most blow-people -out-of-the-water-voices, some of her earlier stuff is really not that accessible. I mean, maybe if you’re really into old school Loretta Lynn…


The Slip | Eisenhower

No I’m not talking about the NIN album or the former president; I’m talking about an album from the formerly MA based trio The Slip. The chances are you haven’t heard of them and if you have it was probably from the song ‘Even Rats’ that was featured in the first guitar hero game. However,…

Josh Ritter The Beast In It's Tracks

Josh Ritter | The Beast in Its Tracks

It’s Valentine’s Day. So naturally there are some depressed motherfuckers out there. And I don’t blame them. Finding love is tough, and losing it is tougher. So for Valentine’s Day I bring you Josh Ritter’s The Beast In Its Tracks. This is a break up album. Growing up I thought break up albums were angst-y….



Since writing for EBE, I’ve been mostly bringing up music that I’ve listened to and cutting it down a few notches. Even being the cynical prick that I am, I know that’s not the right way to appreciate music. I like all sorts of bands, so instead of telling you who disappointed me today I’d…


Young the Giant | Mind Over Production

The other night I watched about 3 hours of live Queen concert footage. You know, the usual Thursday night. I had read that their Wembley Stadium performances in ’85 and ’86 were legendary. And I have to admit you do walk away pretty impressed, especially with how well they commanded the crowd. And those were…


Megafaun | Megafaun

Great band, Great Sound, Great Album… I could pretty much wrap it up right there but as usual I’m probably going to carry on for a bit about shit that’s at best loosely related to the topic at hand.   Anyways, this album was another one that was a bit of a slow burn for me…

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast SDK finally released, Let the apps pour in.

For $35 you would have a hard time finding a better media streaming device than the Chromecast. Today it just got even better because Google released the SDK (software development kit) to developers so they can add a cast button into their apps. Up until now only select companies have had access to building apps…


How To: Control your DSLR with an Android tablet pt 1 (Wired)

In part one I will show you the basic method of connecting your Android tablet to a Nikon DSLR camera using a USB cable. The instructions below will detail what things you will need, some that are optional, as well as the app I used to control the camera. I will start with optional accessories…