Monthly archives: August, 2014

rx bandits

Rx Bandits | Gemini, Her Majesty

Summer is almost over so before we’re all forced into pretending we like Pumpkin flavored everything, I decided to do some listening to one of my favorite summer bands, the Rx Bandits. I think of them at this time of year partly due to personal experiences (seeing them live multiple times in the summer, listening…


Nick Cave and Kurt Vile at The Mann Center 6/25/2014

So I saw Kurt Vile and The Violators open for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at what is easily one of my favorite venues in Philly, The Mann Center.  Ya ya I know it was almost a month ago at this point but…. I’m lazy and I tend to just get boozed up after…


The Gaslight Anthem | Get Hurt

Even though The Gaslight Anthem are my favorite band, I’ve never bothered to write about them. I know we’re supposed to give album recommendations here, but there needs to be some consideration for bias. And for having something to say. So let me get caught up. Their first album Sink or Swim was really good….

summer nationals pic

The Summer Nationals Tour 2014 | House Blues Boston 8/11

A bunch of old Southern California punks bands from Epitaph Records decided to rip it up like the old days. The Vandals, Pennywise, and the legends themselves, Bad Religion were slotted in as openers, while The Offspring used their headlining spot to play their mainstream breakthrough Smash in its entirety. A lot of true punk…


Jenny Lewis | The Voyager

I have a girl crush on Jenny Lewis. No, that’s not right, I’m a guy. What’s the guy equivalent? A crush? That implies that I want her to have my babies. But this is a non sexual attraction. Although sometimes I would like to make love to her voice. Um, let’s just say I really…