Monthly archives: January, 2014


Our mobile site no longer sucks

Until today using our website on your phone was a little less than optimal. But we have fixed all that and going forward everything should render in an easily readable format. Have a look around and if there is anything you notice that isn’t working for you let us know!


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Howl

Man what can I say about this album other than it fucking rocks.   Ya it’s a little bit old at this point (2005) but it seems like I tell people about this band all the time and they’ve: A. never heard of BRMC or B. have but never listened to this album.   Now to be…


New SenseCover for iPhone by Moshi is touch sensitive

At first glance aside the Apple logo on the back it would be forgivable to think what you were looking at was a Samsung S-View Flip Cover. I think it goes without saying they share more than a resemblance. However this cover is actually designed for the iPhone. You might find that ironic considering Apple…


Boston Calling Lineup Announcement

Today the lineup was announced for this year’s Boston Calling Festival to be held over Memorial Day weekend, May 23–25th.  Acts include Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Jack Johnson, Jenny Lewis, Brand New, Tegan & Sara, Frank Turner and a bunch more over the 3 day set of shows. Some people are getting sick…


LG G Flex and F3Q slider get Feb 5th release on T-Mobile

If you are a T-mobile customer and have been waiting for a release date on LG’s newest curved smartphone, today you are in luck. The company said the phone would be available to their customers on February 5th, and is available for pre-order today. If you don’t want to pay the full $672 asking price…


Microsoft shows off OneDrive, their rebranded SkyDrive replacement

In the middle of last year Microsoft found itself in some hot water in the U.K. when a court ruled that the name of their cloud storage service SkyDrive had infringed upon the BSkyB trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group. While many assumed Microsoft would appeal the initial ruling and take it back to court…


Back Catalog Blues

I wanted to like Against Me!’s new album. Which if you are familiar with this phrasing, is a hint that the rest of this review isn’t going to be too flattering. Transgender Dysphoria Blues was released this week with pretty significant hype. Most of the buzz related to the punk band’s sixth studio effort is…


South Korea directive allows Android users to remove preinstalled apps

The picture above illustrates the term coined as “bloatware,” or basically the apps that manufacturers and carriers load onto your phone that you cannot get rid of. Unlike the apps you download from the market, these apps cannot be uninstalled. This is something that has annoyed probably anyone that has ever owned an Android phone,…


WSJ gets rumors of iPhone 6 with bigger screen swirling again

It seems like as soon as a new iPhone comes out within weeks there are already rumors going around about the next one that will be released the following year. As we all know, rumors of an iPhone with a bigger screen are nothing new. Those started at least a year if not two before…


Future game titles from EA unlikely on Wii U

As one of the earliest and most successful gaming companies loses appeal and support, I hope they have something really big in development right now because I would hate to see such a legacy die. But to say the launch of the Wii U and its time on sale since hasn’t gone as well as…