Monthly archives: September, 2015


RECAP: Frank Turner at Higher Ground, Burlington, VT- 9/23/15

  I spent Wednesday night in a Vermont venue surrounded by Vermont liberals singing “There is No God, So Clap Your Hands Together.” But it wasn’t the wet dream of a conservative who forgot to prepare his latest hot take before going on screen at Fox News. It was a Frank Turner concert and we…


Ryan Adams | 1989

When Ryan Adams covered Oasis’s “Wonderwall” for his album Love is Hell, he made the song his own in a way that made Noel Gallagher admit that Adams was “the only person that ever got that song right”. It’s so hauntingly beautiful that no frat bro could ever attempt his version at 2am and that…


Recap: The Mynabirds and Bad Bad Hats at Boot and Saddle

I’ll keep this short and sweet because quite frankly the videos will do a lot more justice than anything I’m going to say.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this show.   I’d listened to The Mynabirds latest release but I didn’t know a whole lot about their live performances, instrumentation, etc… Luckily…


Philly Concert Picks Sept. 23rd – 25th

The Pope is coming to town and shitting in everyones mouths on Saturday so there’s not a whole lot going on this weekend.  My advice is to get the hell out of dodge while you still can.  However, for the poor bastards like myself that are stuck here, there are a few good shows going down…


Motion City Soundtrack | Panic Stations

Motion City Soundtrack’s last album sucked. And as someone who backed them up with each change in sound and record label over the years until Go came out I don’t feel bad about saying it. The best songs were “Circuits and Wires”, a track actually recorded for the previous album, and their first single “True…


Boston Concert Picks 9/18 – 9/20

New England has about a week left of good weather before it gets terrible again.  Millions of jerks that bitched about the heat (or the humidity) all summer will soon get their wish and have cold weather to complain about instead. It’s awful. The climate and the people. Which is why I’m leaving. But I’ll…


Nathaniel Rateliff

Last night as I was affirming my old age by skipping around the late night talk shows I stumbled upon a band playing on Conan that made me think I had stumbled upon the end of The Blues Brothers.  A band known as Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats were performing their apparent single “S.O.B”….


Foxboro Hot Tubs | Stop Drop and Roll!!!

This week music “news” was made as asshole musician Jack White continued his mostly one-sided fight against Black Keys musicians Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, who are presumably not as much of assholes. According to Rolling Stone, there have actually been a few petty incidents over the years but this so called “beef” is now over….


Husky Bundles | bebé bebé

Figure 1 Husky Bundles is a band from Philly fronted by a man in a fighter pilots helmet (see fig. 1).  I don’t know if he pilots a fighter or not… but I do know that these guys rock hard enough to make Pete “Maverick” Mitchell shit his pants.  They’re a little punk, a little psych,…


Days of the New | The Green Album/Days of the New II

  Today is guilty pleasure Monday and while I was tempted to review whatever noise Miley Cyrus just put out with the The Flaming Lips I decided to go back in time to 1999 instead. As many of you will remember this was a huge time for uncle rock bands like Creed and Nickelback who…