Red Means Run, return with Love of Blindness.

  Philly locals, Red Means Run are back with their latest release Love of Blindness.   It’s a great collection of country tinged tunes and an excellent follow up to their 2013 release, All Things Said and Done.   The guitar work is excellent and they’ve really struck a nice balance between country and good old fashion…


Ben Nichols @ The Turf Club, St. Paul, Mn 6/5/16

In the slums of St Paul I found Paradise.  Okay that’s an exaggeration on both ends. But The Turf Club is a nice old bar located in a rather shitty part of the the Twin Cities that feels pretty comfortable inside and pretty dangerous just a block in either direction. It’s truly a rough local…….


Houndmouth | From the Hills Below the City

I just heard about Katie Toupin leaving Houndmouth and I gotta say, I’m pretty bummed.  I mean, I’m not devastated. I just started listening to them a couple months ago and its not like she’s dead. But her presence in this band, especially her soulful voice will be missed.  Apparently she’s going to go make…


Philly Concert Picks: May 20th – 22nd

Friday the 20th: Keb’ Mo’ Band at The Keswick Keb’ Mo’ is a true bluesman and a living legend.  There’s not a lot of people left doing what he does. Saturday the 21st: Band of Horses at The Grand Sunday the 22nd: You Won’t / The Suitcase Junket / Jocelyn Mackenzie at Boot and Saddle…


Sturgill Simpson | A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

I’ve given this album a little time before writing about it to see if I had any changing thoughts but no I’m pretty much settled on it: this album is weird.  Not in the sense that the songs are weird, just that I’m not sure what this album is trying to be or even if it’s…


Chuck Ragan | The Flame in the Flood

Chuck Ragan recently created a soundtrack for a video game.  Yeah,I thought it was weird too.  I’ve been thinking about video games a lot lately. I was reading an article about the official end of Xbox 360 (the current console I have) and I’m wondering if this is the end for me.  I’ve never been…

elephant revival

Elephant Revival | Petals

It’s been cold, rainy and windy here for a few days.  Really gloomy stuff. And not just because Prince left us.  Well, maybe.  His legend is still growing post mortem to the point where I may have heard about his ability to change the weather with his confident, post-guitar-solo, self satisfied grins.  Regardless of the origins…


Houndmouth | Little Neon Limelight

Prince is gone. Just the other day I was laughing about that candid photo taken of him on a bicycle.  And the week before about his basketball playing on Chappelle’s Show.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was really him. Especially since moving to Minnesota I feel like Prince comes up in my life pretty frequently. Which…


Weezer – The White Album

For a band that I like Weezer has made a lot of truly awful songs.  I mean for awhile there in the 2000s nearly every album that they released was entirely trash. I must have been a masochist to have dug through dozens of shitty synth indulgences and top 40 gimmick tracks to find 1 or 2…


Sturgill Simpson | Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

Outlaw Country Musician Sturgill Simpson is getting a ton of buzz lately in anticipation of his upcoming new album, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth.  Even as someone not particularly connected with the country music scene it’s been hard to miss the fact that Sturgill is suddenly an “it” artist when he’s being discussed everywhere from…