Monthly archives: December, 2014


Weezer | Everything Will Be Alright In the End

This album is really good. No, trust me. I know Weezer has put out like 10 albums in a row that suck but these are the best songs they have recorded since Pinkerton. No hyperbole. It’s like Rivers finally decided to stop fucking around and write good songs that aren’t jokes or just plain terrible…


Bad Religion | Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas from Empty Bottle Evenings! Or Happy Christmas to our non-American readers. Or Go to Hell for everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It was a pagan holiday, it’s not even close to the day Jesus was supposed to be born, and you get a day off from work to open presents and celebrate. I’m…


My Morning Jacket | It Still Moves

So I’m going to continue my trend of recommending albums that have been out for awhile and you’ve probably already heard of… but you know what fuck it. So on that note….. I love this album.  It Still Moves been in my top ten ever since the first time I listened to it.  My Morning…


In Defense of U2 | Songs of Innocence

Songs of Innocence: an aptly named title for an album that came under sharp criticism before anyone even heard it. Give someone free music, become the devil. Welcome to 2014. Although this should be nothing new coming from a band that has been vilified for the majority of the last 20 years if not longer….


Recap: Quiet Life / The Bailey Hounds / Mike Quinn @ Milkboy 12/12

It was Friday,  I was done with work, I wanted a beer or two (or ten) and the word on the street was there was a good show going down at Milkboy.  I didn’t know much about Quiet Life or The Bailey Hounds but I’ve seen Mike Quinn a few times and he’s got a…


Tumbledown| Empty Bottle

Bake here. I’m all about having fun. You know, get a couple cocktails in me, start a fire in someone’s kitchen. Maybe go to Seaworld, take my pants off.  So on that note let’s talk about Tumbledown’s fun album Empty Bottle. Disclaimer: I will be doing all of the talking. This is band is an example…


Rocky Votolato | Television of Saints

The last time I was writing about Rocky Votolato I was really depressed and so was the album (and drink) of choice, Makers. These days I’m slightly less depressed, and, great news, so was his last album. Released in 2012, Television of Saints isn’t quite upbeat but is noticeably more optimistic. On “Ghost Writer” he…


Philly Concert Picks

Thursday: Underground Arts Bonefire Presents Langhorne Slim, TJ Kong and Cajun Seth.  Don’t know much about about Cajun Seth but Langhorne Slim and TJ Kong are the real deal and Underground Arts is a solid venue…. also they sell 22oz PBR’s so there’s that. Friday: Johnny Brenda’s Low Cut Connie and Ron Gallo.  Low Cut Connie…


Recap: American Diamond Recordings Showcase @ World Cafe Live 11/20

It’s a rare occasion that I venture to west Philly these days.  It’s as good a place as any but from the heart of south Philly it sort of feels like traveling to a foreign land.  I’d been hearing rumors about American Diamond Recordings for awhile, so I figured I may as well make the…