Monthly archives: March, 2015


Lydia Loveless | Somewhere Else

  Last night I went to a show where a hardcore band opened. A few minutes into their set I started to ask myself a few questions? Am I too old for this? Was Hardcore always this terrible? Have I just been limiting my musical tastes to a few select genres lately? I’m guessing there is…


Paul Simon | Graceland

I’ll be upfront with you guys, I don’t listen to pretty much everything else Paul Simon has ever done.  I watched the graduate once and I’ve seen Waynes World II more times than I care to admit, so I’ve heard that Mrs. Robinson song a few times and I guess it’s alright.    Graceland makes Mrs….


Two Drunk Guys Review: Father John Misty | I Love You, Honey Bear

C: I’m going to be honest, from what I’d heard from this album before it was released I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it and initially I didn’t.   However, by the time I reached the last track I was into it and I’m not sure why… it’s pretty mellow which normally…


Natalie Prass | Self-Titled

  Disclaimer: This is not typically an album that I would recommend. I have to admit that it is a triumph of social media marketing that I’ve listened to this album at all. I first heard of Natalie Prass through a Vox article of all places. This then influenced me to research more (google) and…


Philly Concert Picks: March 19th-21st

Thursday the 19th: John The Conqueror @ Boot and Saddle John the Conqueror is the closest you’re going to get to the delta this side of the Mason-Dixon.   They’re play down and dirty blues and play it really god damn well.  You don’t want to miss this show. Saturday the 21st: St. James &…


Iron Horse | Pickin’ On Modest Mouse

I’ve decided to continue with this bluegrass kick we’ve been on for the past couple of weeks and talk a little bit about Iron Horse. These guys are from Alabama and they’re know primarily for their bluegrass tribute albums. Now, I’ll admit I’m no expert on bluegrass culture but I do know that the purists…

drunken lullabies

Flogging Molly | Drunken Lullabies

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and really all anybody seems to understand about this is wearing green and getting drunk at any time of day is appropriate. Is that enough for a holiday? I’m not sure. There’s no candy, no gifts, and no lights. Maybe if you get drunk enough you’ll chop down a tree…


Greensky Bluegrass | Live at Bell’s

When preparing to write about Springsteen last week I ended up watching several covers of “Atlantic City” on youtube, the most interesting from Greensky Bluegrass. This lead me down an internet rabbit hole that ended up with me watching this band play a live 15 minute bluegrass cover of “When the Doves Cry”. Needless to…


Bruce Springsteen | Nebraska

  Anyone who knows anything about music admits that whether they like Springsteen or not, they love his 6th album Nebraska. Released in 1982, critics still talk about this album as one of the greatest of all time. Other artists rave about how this album influenced them to be better songwriters. Casual music listeners talk about how…


Man About a Horse | The EP

Man About a Horse plays good old fashion foot-stomping, corn liquor swilling bluegrass and they play it well.  Their recently released EP showcases their ability to masterfully mix the old school with the even more old school.  It’ll make you want to drink bourbon, I know this because it makes me want to drink bourbon…