Monthly archives: July, 2014


Cassino | Sounds of Salvation

Cassino rolls the dice on new sound. Finds winning combination on new album. Beats the odds to deliver a gem. New songs are coming up aces. Nick Torres and Tyler Odom go all in with Sounds of Salvation.  Alright, now that we got that out of our system there will be no more stupid puns…


Graveyard Lovers | Dreamers

I may be a bit bias on this one because A. I love dirty, bluesy rock and B. I’ve shared the shared the stage a few times with these guys…. but fuck it I never claimed to a beacon of objectivity and Dreamers is a great album.   These guys hail from Brooklyn by way of…

jones street

Jones Street Station | Overcome

Being a hick is in my blood. Or a redneck. Or a hillbilly. I don’t know the exact variation of white trash but I know it’s within me. Maybe it’s my bad teeth, my dad’s mustache, or my deceased grandparents’ pet collection that included goats and raccoons. I’ve never examined my family tree but I…