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Recap: The Gaslight Anthem w/ Northcote and The Scandals | Live at Lupo’s Providence, RI – 2/27/15

It’s been many years since I had been to the lovely state of Rhode Island and what better reason to return than seeing my favorite band, The Gaslight Anthem? The venue, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, is a medium sized music hall that I barely remembered from the last time I was there 8 years ago, but…


Two Drunk Guys Review: The Districts | A Flourish and a Spoil

B: As you mentioned in your review of Telephone,  The Districts had a lo fi sound that suited them well. They don’t have that sound anymore, this album is polished as shit. Well shit isn’t really polished. Diamonds? Fuck man, whatever. This production tells me they will be the next in the line of bands…


Philly Concert Picks: Feb 26th – 28th

The cold has lifted (sort of), the snow is melting and there’s some great shows going down this weekend. Thursday the 26th: Midwestern Exposure / Red Means Run / The Sparklers / Bastards of Earle @ Bourbon and Branch I may or may not be in one of these bands so this may be a…


JD McPherson | Let the Good Times Roll

You wanna go grab milkshakes down at the Soda Fountain? Of course not! It’s fucking cold outside and your imagination of whatever the hell a Soda Fountain is telling you that you’ll just end up a sticky mess. And not in the good way. But if you are feeling nostalgic for the mid 20th century…


Justin Townes Earle | Single Mothers / Absent Fathers

You know what’s great about being hung over? No, not “nothing”. Getting to listen to some great mellow music. As much as we all love Icelandic Death Metal, sometimes you need something a little less aggressive to start your day. That’s where Justin Townes Earle comes in. Now some people have criticized his particular brand…


Philly Concert Picks Feb 20th -21st

Ya I know it’s dick freezingly cold in Philly right now but who gives a shit?  Get off your asses and go see some shows this weekend. Friday the 20th: Ecstatic Vision @ Kung Fu Necktie As you can tell from the video these dudes are fucking heavy, psych rock.  I’d say more but I think…


Pearl Jam | No Code

I’m going to continue the trend Bake started a few weeks back and talk about another classic, yet under-appreciated, Pearl Jam album… No Code.    Released in 1996, two years after the widely successful Vitalogy, it’s always been one of my favorite PJ albums.  No Code was a definite departure from their first three albums….


Fleetwood Mac | Self Titled (1968)

The first time I remember listening to Fleetwood Mac was in the ’90s when the Rumours-era lineup reunited and recorded the live concert performance The Dance. My parents told me that this here band used to be really big in the ’70s. And they weren’t shitting me. Rumours sold 18 million fucking albums. Everyone from…


St. Paul & the Broken Bones | Half the City

A friend told me that they loved this album and that I should listen to it. And I did. And then I loved it. Remember when things were always this simple? With anything from music to buying a new washing machine, we used to trust the opinion of others around us, going to friends and…


The Decemberists | What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

  For years The Decemberists were one of those bands like The National that you would hear about all the time but you never knew anyone really 100% into them. The Decemberists? Oh yeah, I think I saw them on Conan or The Colbert Report? Are they new? No they have like 5 albums and…