Monthly archives: February, 2016


Feeding Leroy @ The Red Herring Lounge 2/18/16

The downside of writing about music for fun is that you don’t get paid any money.  The upside is that you can get as drunk as you want at a show and you probably won’t get fired.  Plus, it’s Empty Bottle Evenings. It’s kind of the point.  Our Drunk Guy Recaps are not just a…


The Clash | Sandinista!

I was having dinner at a restaurant a few weeks ago and The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs” started playing. This got me thinking (shocking I know) so I went home and listened to London Calling for the first time in ages. Then that got me thinking more about The Clash.  Their 3rd album is their masterpiece,…


Super Bowl 50 | Coldplay

Tonight even if you don’t like football you will probably be watching the Super Bowl.  I don’t care who wins, I hate commercials, and I have no money on the line but I’ll be watching too.  We have no choice. We’re American. It calls to use in inexplicable ways like fried food and pornography. But…