Monthly archives: May, 2014


Soundset: Wiz Khalifa

With an appearance many were calling questionable due to being caught with weed and going to jail only the night before the show in Texas, Wiz did in fact make it to the show to be welcomed by a huge crowd as ready to hear him as I have ever seen for even a headliner….


Soundset: The Paint Wall, a Trike, and a Car

One of my favorite things about the Soundset festival is the diversity in things there are to do and watch. While it is of course primarily a music festival, there is also things like a half pipe or the paint wall. The reason I like this so much is it is something you can watch…


Soundset: Atmosphere

For my first real piece about the show it only seems right to start with the group that made the entire festival a possibility. Before closing out the night as the headlining act, Atmosphere was introduced by the one and only Sway who had some very kind words to share about his thoughts of the…


Soundset: After the Festival

So now that the show is over and festival goers have washed off the dirt and sweat it is time to reflect on this years show. To say it was huge would be an understatement. The talent was second to none, the weather couldn’t have been much better, and of course the audience came in…


Boston Calling | Show Review

This past weekend was this year’s Spring Boston Calling Festival. Expanding this year to 2 ½ days of music at City Hall Plaza, there were over 20 bands for people to rock out to. Or awkwardly sway to. Fucking Hipsters. I know they’re all look at me with their fedoras, checkered shorts, and thrift stores…


Soundset Festival All Sold Out For The First Time Ever

Since 2008 when the Soundset Festival first started it has seen exponential growth every year in basically every facet. But for the first time ever in its history it reached the milestone of selling out the entire show. Having been to several of the events in the past I literally never thought it was even…


The Low Anthem | What the Crows Brings

Sometimes I think about when bands are starting to make it big and they start playing bigger venues. Eventually they’ll get to the point where they are opening at some huge arena for the biggest band on the planet. They’ll talk about how it was always their dream to open for Springsteen or whoever (whomever?…


Frank Turner | Love Ire & Song

What is it about British musicians that confuse Americans into thinking that they’re tough?  Maybe its just the accent, but it sounds like every songwriter finishes up their 7th pint at the pub, strolls down the street, and knocks out some guy for giving him a dirty look, before stumbling on stage and strumming away….


Buke and Gase | Riposte

Initially I was going to write about this album on 4/20. You know the day that everybody that never needed an excuse to smoke pot decided to use as an excuse to smoke pot.   I know man…. I don’t get it, I don’t think anyone gets it and yes I have fallen victim to it’s…