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Ben Nichols @ The Turf Club, St. Paul, Mn 6/5/16

In the slums of St Paul I found Paradise.  Okay that’s an exaggeration on both ends. But The Turf Club is a nice old bar located in a rather shitty part of the the Twin Cities that feels pretty comfortable inside and pretty dangerous just a block in either direction. It’s truly a rough local…….


Bruce Springsteen | Live at Xcel Energy Center – 2/29/16

Yeah I’m a week behind on recapping this show but to be fair it’s probably taken me this long to recover from it.  Man, Springsteen just doesn’t quit.  Between his 66 year old self rocking out for over 3 hours as well as his 90 year old dancing partner I really shouldn’t be the one complaining…


Frank Turner | Live at Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN

I wouldn’t say that a beer tasting…at a casino…in the middle of Minnesota is the place you should normally go to find a punk rock show.  But beggars can’t be choosers, and I’m Begs McGee here, desperate to listen to something that isn’t country music or talk radio about lake fishing.  And to be fair, The…


Josh Ritter w/ Elephant Revival | The Pantages Theatre, Minneapolis, MN- 1/27/16

  I’ve seen Josh Ritter in Massachusetts. And in Maine. And in Montreal. Thankfully for alliteration’s sake I’ve moved to Minnesota. Wednesday night it was finally time to drive to “the cities” and take in a concert for the first time in the next M’s favorite “M” city. Ritter delivered as usual. His positive energy…


Charlie Parr | Live at the Red Herring Lounge, Duluth, MN

When I found out that there was live music less than 10 minutes from my house I was ecstatic, which says a lot since I think the last time I was ecstatic was probably when I was able to find rare action figures at Toys R Us. I don’t know if Toys R Us is…


Of Monsters and Men | Lupo’s – Providence, RI 5/9/15

  It’s not often that guys are allowed to call things “cute”. Their own newborn son, an attractive girl, maybe a baby seal. That’s about it. But I’m going out on a limb here and saying the pair of lead singers (and guitarists) from Of Monsters and Men are a cute couple. I have no…


Damien Rice | Live at the Orpheum Theatre Boston- 4/7/15

  After listening to Damien Rice’s latest album My Favourite Faded Fantasy I envisioned seeing him live surrounded by a full orchestra at grandiose theatre. When he announced he was playing at the aging, medium-sized, dilapidated Orpheum in Boston, I thought, ah good enough. I’ve heard artists sound great there before and I could still see…


Recap: The Gaslight Anthem w/ Northcote and The Scandals | Live at Lupo’s Providence, RI – 2/27/15

It’s been many years since I had been to the lovely state of Rhode Island and what better reason to return than seeing my favorite band, The Gaslight Anthem? The venue, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, is a medium sized music hall that I barely remembered from the last time I was there 8 years ago, but…


The Gaslight Anthem w/ Against Me | House of Blues Boston 9/16/14

Two bands that I love.  Two bands that I wrote about in a negative light within the past year. I was let down by The Gaslight Anthem’s Get Hurt for not meeting my admittedly high expectations while Against Me’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues, well, just wasn’t very good.  But seeing them live wasn’t something that I…

summer nationals pic

The Summer Nationals Tour 2014 | House Blues Boston 8/11

A bunch of old Southern California punks bands from Epitaph Records decided to rip it up like the old days. The Vandals, Pennywise, and the legends themselves, Bad Religion were slotted in as openers, while The Offspring used their headlining spot to play their mainstream breakthrough Smash in its entirety. A lot of true punk…