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Sturgill Simpson | A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

I’ve given this album a little time before writing about it to see if I had any changing thoughts but no I’m pretty much settled on it: this album is weird.  Not in the sense that the songs are weird, just that I’m not sure what this album is trying to be or even if it’s…


Weezer – The White Album

For a band that I like Weezer has made a lot of truly awful songs.  I mean for awhile there in the 2000s nearly every album that they released was entirely trash. I must have been a masochist to have dug through dozens of shitty synth indulgences and top 40 gimmick tracks to find 1 or 2…


Brian Fallon | Painkillers

Normally I’m behind on reviewing an album when it comes out because I compulsively revisit the band’s back catalog before jumping into the new material. In this case there was really no need with this being Brian Fallon’s first record and The Gaslight Anthem being the only band that I listen to constantly. Now I know…


The Clash | Sandinista!

I was having dinner at a restaurant a few weeks ago and The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs” started playing. This got me thinking (shocking I know) so I went home and listened to London Calling for the first time in ages. Then that got me thinking more about The Clash.  Their 3rd album is their masterpiece,…


Jason Isbell | Something More Than Free

Have you ever dated someone that was part of your group of friends for years then one day for whatever reason you two ended up together? If anyone asked you about them in the past you would say “yeah, they’re cool” and maybe even acknowledge that they’re attractive but you just thought of them as friends….


Josh Ritter | Sermon on the Rocks

For some reason when I saw the cover of Josh Ritter’s new album Sermon on the Rocks I thought it was going to be an album covering different versions of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and I was not only going to boycott listening but was going to kill myself in (understandable) protest. Thankfully his greaser…


Lucero | All A Man Should Do

A lot of Lucero fans are going to hate this album. I realize that is a strange way to start reviewing an album that I actually like, but I felt that way upon first listen and I still do a week or so later. All a Man Should Do doesn’t even feel like a Lucero…


Ryan Adams | 1989

When Ryan Adams covered Oasis’s “Wonderwall” for his album Love is Hell, he made the song his own in a way that made Noel Gallagher admit that Adams was “the only person that ever got that song right”. It’s so hauntingly beautiful that no frat bro could ever attempt his version at 2am and that…


Motion City Soundtrack | Panic Stations

Motion City Soundtrack’s last album sucked. And as someone who backed them up with each change in sound and record label over the years until Go came out I don’t feel bad about saying it. The best songs were “Circuits and Wires”, a track actually recorded for the previous album, and their first single “True…


Frank Turner | Positive Songs for Negative People

I’m generally a pretty negative person and I could most definitely go for some positive songs. Thanks Frank! And let’s be honest, Turner isn’t fucking around. His new album is very upbeat, both lyrically and musically. I might even call it inspiring if I wasn’t such a negative asshole. The good feelings coming out of Positive…