Monthly archives: December, 2015


EBE | Christmas Picks

It’s ony 5 days away from the joy and wonder of Christmas.  You may be excited to see friends and family, to score some presents, and maybe to eat some roast beast, whatever the fuck that is Dr. Seuss.  Or you may be sick of the commercialism, your in laws, and red and green everything.  Sometimes…


Two Drunk Guys Review The Classics| Modest Mouse | The Moon and Antarctica

Bake: I’m drunk and bored so let’s get this bitch going. I like this album. I truly do. I like Good News more than most and I think the Lonesome Crowded West is ridiculously overrated. But this album I think I like this as much as your average bear, no more no less. But you…


St. Paul & The Broken Bones | Half the City

Fig. 1 I have to admit I’ve never been much of a soul man (hehe) but I think I might be becoming one. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m getting older and can no longer connect with the youth of today or up until now I’ve just been too much of an stubborn…


As Tall As Lions | Self-Titled

At this time of year I’m mostly catching up on anything I missed in the past 12 months, reviewing albums for a big list that I will be putting together shortly which no one will read.  But that’s okay, I’ve been compiling “Best Of” lists back when I was posting them in my AOL Instant…


Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band | The River Tour Announcement

Last week Bruce Springsteen announced that he would going out on tour with the E Street band in support of them re-issuing the The River as part of an expanded collection named the The Ties That Bind: The River Collection.  It’s been 35 years since the original double album was release so I guess they…


Philly Concert Picks | Dec. 10th – 11th

Thursday the 10th: Chamomile and Whiskey / Old Arrows / Hunter’s Cannon @ The Fire Chamomile and Whiskey are from Charlottesville and they’ve got a down home fold feel to them that I dig.   Thursday the 10th: Weekender / Vug Arakas / Sam Kogon @ Kung Fu Necktie Weekender is a Indie / Psych…


Jason Isbell | Something More Than Free

Have you ever dated someone that was part of your group of friends for years then one day for whatever reason you two ended up together? If anyone asked you about them in the past you would say “yeah, they’re cool” and maybe even acknowledge that they’re attractive but you just thought of them as friends….


Drunk Lyrics | The National’s Boxer

That was one hell of a food coma! Actually I’m just lazy. I didn’t even eat much, just some chicken and salad. But at least I did some drinking. And some listening to music. Nothing new though and honestly, mostly The National. As I stated before, the beginning of “McCormack’s Wall” from the new Glen…