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Philly Concert Picks: September 2nd – 5th

It’s labor day weekend, the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing and I for one will be getting gloriously tanked in the woods.   However, if you’re not lucky enough to escape the burning hellscape that Philly becomes in the summer there’s some great shows happening this weekend. Wednesday the 2nd: The Jersey…


Rocky Votolato | Hospital Handshakes

  Earlier this week I mentioned how the Rocky Votolato song “Let Go” from the Kindred Spirit split EP with Chuck Ragan sounded like an old Ryan Adams song. The slow pace, the presence of drums, the seemingly elongated southern delivery reminded me much more of the songs from Heartbreaker & Gold than anything Rocky had released….


Just the Bottle Talking | An EBE interview with Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds

  I was fortunate enough to have the talented Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds take some time to speak with me this week for Empty Bottle Evenings. We talked about her new album Lovers Know, life on the road, music technology, touring with the “top secret” Postal Service live band, the truth about Conor Oberst, and…


Blake Mills is Some Sort of Magician

Blake Mills is a player I only heard about recently and I’m not sure why because this dude is a god damn six string samurai.  He’s one of the most original guitarists I’ve seen in a long, long time.   I don’t want to guitar geek out on you too much here but this dudes got chops.  Mr….


Rocky Votolato & Chuck Ragan | Kindred Spirit

I love both of these guys and apparently they love each other too so I would be remiss if I didn’t write a few words about this Split EP that they put out back in June. I was initially disappointed that it was a traditional Split with each artist contributing three individual songs apiece. I…


Philly Concert Picks | August 26th – 29th

Wednesday the 26th: The Delta Saints / Stolen Rhodes / Thee, Idea Men @ Milkboy The Delta Saints are a great blues rock band from Nashville.  Stolen Rhodes and Thee, Idea Men are both excellent rock bands from right here in town.  Don’t miss this one. Thursday the 27th: Holy Ghost Tent Revival @ Triumph Brewing…


Sam Beam & Ben Bridwell | Sing Into My Mouth

You probably know the voices behind this interesting cover album with the pretty bizarre name. The title comes from the Talking Heads’ song that they re-created to lead off this batch of songs so they can’t take full credit for that. What Beam can take credit for is his ever changing musical project (but not…


What the Hell Have I Been Listening to? | Recovering from My First Visit to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

  It’s been about a month since I started my EBE sabbatical/road trip/bender and I’ve finally sobered up enough to get back to work. It may not always be pretty but gosh darnnit I’ve got myself a lot to say again. Disclaimer, I haven’t actually sobered up and most of this will be drunken, unintelligible…


Philly Concert Picks: August 19th – 21st

Wednesday the 19th: Social Distortion and Lucero @ Festival Pier   Festival Pier is what it is and there’s probably going to be about a thousand people there and it’s going to be a total shit show.  But when is the next time you’ll be able to see Social Distortion and Lucero in the same…


Philly Concert Picks August 6th – 9th

Thursday the 6th: Banditos @ Bourbon and Branch I was lucky enough to share the stage with these guys awhile back and they fucking kill it.  They’ve got a great down and dirty roots rock thing going on.  They sound a little bite like Futurebirds but dirtier.   Thursday the 6th: J. Roddy Walston & The…