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The Clash | Sandinista!

I was having dinner at a restaurant a few weeks ago and The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs” started playing. This got me thinking (shocking I know) so I went home and listened to London Calling for the first time in ages. Then that got me thinking more about The Clash.  Their 3rd album is their masterpiece,…


Pearl Jam | Self Titled

Last time I wrote about one of Bad Religion’s under-appreciated albums. Today I’m going for one of Pearl Jam’s. Why? Well, they’ve only released about half as many albums, but it’s still easy to lose track of them over 25 years. Also, and more truthfully, when going back and listening to Bad Religion’s back catalog…


Bad Religion | New Maps of Hell

  I’ve been pissed lately. Not about personal things. Love life is great, work isn’t terrible, I even got a full night’s sleep last night. But I’m increasingly more upset with every over the top news story, every reported failure of the government, and every demonstration of society’s ignorance and apathy. And when I’m feeling…



Why play in Harvard Square once when you can play it 3 times?! I haven’t seen a show at The Sinclair since it opened a couple years back, but it’s a pretty nice, intimate venue. It was a good setting for the tour opener, who was of course, Lucero! The By the Seat of Our…


Frank Turner | Love Ire & Song

What is it about British musicians that confuse Americans into thinking that they’re tough?  Maybe its just the accent, but it sounds like every songwriter finishes up their 7th pint at the pub, strolls down the street, and knocks out some guy for giving him a dirty look, before stumbling on stage and strumming away….


Back Catalog Blues

I wanted to like Against Me!’s new album. Which if you are familiar with this phrasing, is a hint that the rest of this review isn’t going to be too flattering. Transgender Dysphoria Blues was released this week with pretty significant hype. Most of the buzz related to the punk band’s sixth studio effort is…