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Ben Nichols @ The Turf Club, St. Paul, Mn 6/5/16

In the slums of St Paul I found Paradise.  Okay that’s an exaggeration on both ends. But The Turf Club is a nice old bar located in a rather shitty part of the the Twin Cities that feels pretty comfortable inside and pretty dangerous just a block in either direction. It’s truly a rough local…….


Lucero | All A Man Should Do

A lot of Lucero fans are going to hate this album. I realize that is a strange way to start reviewing an album that I actually like, but I felt that way upon first listen and I still do a week or so later. All a Man Should Do doesn’t even feel like a Lucero…


Philly Concert Picks March 12th – 15th

Thursday March 12th: Lucero @ World Cafe Wilmington Ya I know it’s not technically in Philly but Lucero is a god damn good live band so it’s worth the trip down to Delaware. Saturday March 14th: Red Means Run @ The Fire It’s been awhile since I’ve ventured out to The Fire, but for what…



Why play in Harvard Square once when you can play it 3 times?! I haven’t seen a show at The Sinclair since it opened a couple years back, but it’s a pretty nice, intimate venue. It was a good setting for the tour opener, who was of course, Lucero! The By the Seat of Our…


Ben Nichols | The Last Pale Light in the West

I should read more books. Every once in awhile I’ll pick up a novel and it will blow me away. Even if I’ve read it before, if it’s special enough I’ll spend weeks thinking about it. Sometimes it’s good for me, I’ll read Three Men in a Boat and remember that people have been laughing…