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elephant revival

Elephant Revival | Petals

It’s been cold, rainy and windy here for a few days.  Really gloomy stuff. And not just because Prince left us.  Well, maybe.  His legend is still growing post mortem to the point where I may have heard about his ability to change the weather with his confident, post-guitar-solo, self satisfied grins.  Regardless of the origins…


Feeding Leroy @ The Red Herring Lounge 2/18/16

The downside of writing about music for fun is that you don’t get paid any money.  The upside is that you can get as drunk as you want at a show and you probably won’t get fired.  Plus, it’s Empty Bottle Evenings. It’s kind of the point.  Our Drunk Guy Recaps are not just a…


Jason Isbell | Something More Than Free

Have you ever dated someone that was part of your group of friends for years then one day for whatever reason you two ended up together? If anyone asked you about them in the past you would say “yeah, they’re cool” and maybe even acknowledge that they’re attractive but you just thought of them as friends….


Justin Townes Earle | Single Mothers / Absent Fathers

You know what’s great about being hung over? No, not “nothing”. Getting to listen to some great mellow music. As much as we all love Icelandic Death Metal, sometimes you need something a little less aggressive to start your day. That’s where Justin Townes Earle comes in. Now some people have criticized his particular brand…


The Decemberists | What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

  For years The Decemberists were one of those bands like The National that you would hear about all the time but you never knew anyone really 100% into them. The Decemberists? Oh yeah, I think I saw them on Conan or The Colbert Report? Are they new? No they have like 5 albums and…


Chuck Ragan | Till Midnight

  The last time I listened to Chuck Ragan was when Hot Water Music’s “A Flight and a Crash” was playing regularly on my Winamp Music Player. Yes, 2001 was a long time ago. I really liked the wildly intense 2 minute punk song, but for some reason never got into the band. 14 years…


Justin Townes Earle | Harlem River Blues

While we’re on this Americana kick, I figured I’d write about Justin Townes Earle.  He’s the son of the legendary Steve Earle and he certainly lives up to his old mans legacy.  Now if you don’t know Steve Earle go check him out now, because he’s been turning out raw country albums, that are actually…


Murder by Death | Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon is the sixth studio album by the band Murder By Death. It is similar in sound to their last few albums, a sort of alt-rock/americana blend that is pretty popular these days. If the band is known at all it’s because their song “Coming Home” was used in the trailer for…